Celebrate The International Day Of Happiness With PHARRELL!

Today is the International Day of Happiness and might as well celebrate it with happiest song there is today!

Pharrell Williams' "Happy" is undeniably everywhere, you can hear it playing on the radio, on the TV shows with covers from everyone across the world. And the timing is just perfect! Pharrell together with the United Nations Foundation teamed up together to spread the happiness even more. They launched a new website called that features videos from people in different parts of the world singing and dancing to the hit song. Anyone can upload and it's being dubbed as the "first 24-hour music video." A different timezone is unlocked every hour and the hit-maker himself will be choosing his favorites throughout the day.

The first entry from the Philippines is the video from March 12, featuring the Yolanda survivors and volunteers from Tacloban dancing without hesitation to the song. While the second entry is composed of photos and collages from Pinoys having fun. Watch the video below!


Watch our VJ Search Finalists' version below!

How have you been spending this special day? Feel free to share your answers below!