JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Premieres A Special Video For "Not A Bad Thing"!

Justin Timberlake just released a special video for his latest single "Not A Bad Thing"!

The video, which JT exclusively premiered on "Ellen," is based from a true story about a guy who proposed to his girlfriend a couple of weeks ago. 

According to host Ellen Degeneres, the guy used Justin's "Not A Bad Thing" for his proposal but upon learning about this romantic news, the singer has yet to meet the newly engaged couple.

Because of that, Justin decided to make a special music video-slash-documentary as he tries to search for the couple.

The video shows two documentarians doing everything they could to find the couple. It also features a number of lovers who share their thoughts about love and relationships.

Will they be able to find the newly engaged couple? Find out by watching Justin Timberlake's new video! CLICK HERE!

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