Have You Seen TAYLOR SWIFT'S New Look?

We're all used to Taylor Swift all glammed up with the perfect cat eye and her signature bold red lip, but in her latest movie role she looks like a totally different person! 

Before anything else, yes, the Red singer landed on another acting job along with a star-studded cast including Katie Holmes and Meryl Streep in this summer's sci-fi thriller The Giver. The first trailer has just been released and it only shows her for, like, half a second. So you have to squint really hard to get a glimpse of the pop-country superstar.

The movie is based on a Lois Lowry book of the same name. She plays the character of the Giver's daughter who is also described as "a girl with pale eyes."

The country crooner even turned to her Twitter account to share her excitement!

Keep a keen eye for the brunette beauty in the trailer below! 

From Youtube User The Weinstein Company

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