The SPICE GIRLS Made Emma Stone Tear Up On Camera

Turns out, a big star like Emma Stone also fangirls like a normal human being!

The "Amazing Spider-Man 2" star, was interviewed in an Australian radio show while promoting her new film when she got a surprise video from Spice Girl, Mel B. 

Upon learning that Mel B. (aka scary spice) wasn't able to make it in person, Stone started tearing up on camera. But it seems that the video message was more than enough for Emma.

“Oh my God, is Mel B talking to me? I’m going to cry. I’m so excited, I am legitimately crying,” And yes, she was legitimately crying, “I am the biggest Spice Girls fan ever.”

Watch her break into tears and sing the Spice Girls' hit song "Wannabe" below!

From Youtube User 2DayFMSydney

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