Check Out The VJ Search Finalists' "KALOKALIKES!"

"KALOKALIKE" is one of the most anticipated segments from the Philippine noon-time shows today. When this was introduced in "It's Showtime," it quickly became one of the trending topics in the social media. So we're pretty sure you guys are familiar with this contest. It features the wackiest impersonators and look-alikes of local and international celebrities at is also never fails to make the madlang people go wild from all the crazy antics of the contestants prepared for them. 

So for the next individual challenge of our VJ Search Finalists, they were asked to upload a video showing their own "kalokalikes." Here's a round-up of what they've posted! But please be sure to watch the full videos posted by the finalists in their profiles!


Marion Aunor as "Barbie Almalbis"
You can watch her full "music video" by clicking here!


Christian Reasonda as "Adam Lambert"
To watch his "interview" with Adam Lambert, click here!

Chuck Espina as "Kimbra"
Watch her impersonation of Kimbra by clicking here!


Gianna Llanes as "2 Chainz"
Check out her transformation by clicking here!

Hazel Faith Dela Cruz as "Ariana Grande"
Watch her makeover and Adriana Grande cover by clicking here!


Luigi D'Avola as "Zane Malik"
Watch his shout out to his fans by clicking here


Vieo Lopez as "John Mayer"'
Watch his "music video" by clicking here!

Eunick Nobe as "Bruno Mars"
Watch her sing 3 of Bruno Mars' hit songs by clicking here!

PJ La Viña as "Robin Thicke"
Watch his transformation by clicking here!


Becca Sadhwani as "Nicole Scherzinger"
Watch her transform to a Pussy Cat Doll by clicking here!

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Rafa Siguion-Reyna as "Michael Jackson"
Watch him to his MJ moves by clicking here!

Mark Thomnpson as "Andy Samberg"
Watch his funny impersonation by clicking here!

Who's your favorite KALOKALIKE? Feel free to leave your comments below!