World Action Superstar JACKIE CHAN'S New Career Move!

Photo from soompi

Jackie Chan is working on something new and we really didn't see that coming! From action-film superstar he trading all the stunts and thrills for artist management, beginning with a K-pop boy band!

The five-piece boy band named JJCC officially released its debut single "At Last" last March 2 after a ton of press hype from their first live appearance on South Korea TV last weekend and before the promotions in China. And the results were nothing but impressive, marking a place for the martial arts star in the music scene. 

Aside from personally managing the band, Chan was reportedly hands on in planning the concepts, scouting the members and even took part in completing the debut album. JJCC is made up of five men in their early 20s. Four are South Korean and the other is Australian-Chinese. They're known to be capable of singing, rapping, dancing and acting. And the band's name is actually a tribute to Jacky Chan as well as his effort to "join cultures" in Asia. 

The quintet's "At First" mixes a bunch of genres, combining hip-hop, R&B-pop with boy-band harmonies and a little bit of rap. Watch the video below!

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