YENG CONSTANTINO Is The Favorite Female Artist For The MYX Music Awards 2014

Yengsters, we're sure you guys are really psyched about this! Yeng Constantino is the Favorite Female Artist for the MYX Music Awards 2014. 

Yeng is the Favorite Female Artist for four consecutive years now! It looks like she's not going anywhere away from her throne! This is Yeng's 8th award from the MYX Music Awards for the past four years!

You can join the MYX Music Awards 2014 trend by using the hashtag #MYXmusicawards. And stay tuned to for the live streaming!

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  • Rebs

    posted 3 years ago

    Actually, it's her 4th year na po as MMA's Favorite Female Artist. :D Congrats prinsesa! Well deserved! :)

  • Yedda

    posted 3 years ago

    Congrats po ate Yeng! :)