PHOTOS: MYX DAILY TOP 10 PINOY EDITION with VJ ROBI MAY 19, 2017 (Behind-The-Scenes)

Catch the Friday episode of the MYX Daily Top 10 International Edition with VJ Robi and special guests Kaye Cal and Firefall Down! Check out the behind-the-scene photos here!


  • sumshi27

    posted 2 days ago

    Kaye Cal 💕💕💕

  • Bhietamz

    posted 10 days ago

    Kaye Cal :D

  • kathlynmarcos

    posted 14 days ago

    I like the smile kayecal 😊..

  • kathlynmarcos

    posted 14 days ago

    i love you KayeCal😍😘

  • Noraina

    posted 23 days ago

    KAYE CAL😊😊