PHOTOS: VJ TIPPY On MYX DAILY TOP 10 JUNE 23, 2015 (Behind-The-Scenes)

Check out the MYX Daily Top 10 behind-the-scenes with VJ Tippy and guest Lyca Gairanod!


  • hazelsagun21

    posted 2 years ago

    sa mga hindi pa po naka bili po ng album ni bebeng plss bili napo kayo para lang sa little superstar

  • lycag623

    posted 2 years ago

    Loving that sweet smile of yours lil princess. That's how I recognized you a happy lil kiddo. Love you always. Stay blessed. Thnx Ms.VJ Tippy. God Bless

  • jennybeth1

    posted 2 years ago

    We love you lyca.....doon sa hindi pa naka bili ng album ni lyca bili na kayo .....

  • daisy_eggers123

    posted 2 years ago

    cute ni lyca kahit naka side view ....More blessing lyca...luv yah

  • Queequeg50

    posted 2 years ago

    Ganda ng bebeng natin....we love you girl