Are You A True Coldplay Fan?

When was the British rock band formed?

What was the first name of the band?

“Parachutes” was banned in China

What Coldplay song features the lyrics “Remember once upon a time when I was yours and you were blind”?

What is the name of Chris Martin’s daughter?

Who is featured in the song “Princess of China”?

Who appears in the video “Hymn For The Weekend”?

Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland made a cameo appearance in this movie



  • hazel_dallas

    posted 7 days ago

    3/10 hahaha its okay puro hula lang naman lahat😂

  • Shaaiimarie03

    posted 9 days ago

    Yehey... 10/10 coldplay You're True Fan Here ..
    Even I can't go to your concert . Because its to expensive Im here to Support you 💛💛

  • Gerard06

    posted 14 days ago

    Not bad, 6/10. Puro hula lng.. Though I love them and their songs..

  • gwaydii

    posted 17 days ago

    Yehey, highest is 9 out of 10..

  • vixen19

    posted 18 days ago

    4 out 10




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