WATCH: JAMES REID Is The MYX Headliner For August!

James Reid is the MYX Headliner for August!


  • betcha2701

    posted 12 days ago

    What time is MyxHeadliners? Love Palm Dreams. Congrats to James!

  • Dabucol

    posted 15 days ago

    Congrats James Reid👏👏🙌🙌💕Jadine💕😍😍

  • mevirgie

    posted 15 days ago

    Palm Dreams is one great album. I love all the songs cuz they gave diff flavors. It really showed James' versatility as a singer. My favorite songs fare ON TOP, DOWN LOW, FOREVER and IL2LU! Congrats to you James--singer, songwriter and producer.

  • summerdream

    posted 16 days ago

    So talented, James. Congrats on "Palm Dreams".

  • vmallari1959

    posted 17 days ago

    Naku tune in Na Ang tv namin SA myx ..abang abang Kay James