VJ Joyce hearts Pacman

Vj Joyce on the upcoming fight and being a boxer herself


  • Ailyn_Marz

    posted 6 years ago

    Hai vj joyce,.,super cool mo po talaga,,

  • glenncz

    posted 6 years ago

    ate ang gaNda mo tlga crush kita ^^

    paki play bahay kubo by hale tnx po :)

  • shana

    posted 6 years ago

    i watched the audition of vjs and i saw you at first i was and i really hoping that you will be choosen to be a vj....i really like you ahahah...and your smle..

  • nerz07

    posted 6 years ago

    hi Vj Joyce. i like the way you handle the things for being a Vj ate. hindi ka boring maging Vj kasi. all the way nagpapatawa ka hehe

  • xpunky03

    posted 6 years ago

    ..hi ate joyce .. cute mu pala xa personal ... pki bati aman xa myx um maharot ng floodway tnx